1970                NRA Collegiate All American – Second Team

1971                NRA Collegiate All American – First Team

1971                NRA Smallbore Rifle Distinguished Badge– Prone and Position

1972                NRA Collegiate All American – First Team

1972                National Collegiate Service Rifle Champion

1973                NRA Collegiate All American – First Team

1974                U.S. Army Distinguished Rifleman Badge

1974                National Trophy Rifle Team Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio.

1975                CISM Team, Oulu, Finland. (2nd in 300m RF 3x20, 3rd in 300m 3x20.  2 Gold team medals.)

1976                National Trophy Rifle Team Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio.

1977                Championships of the Americas Team – Mexico City, Mexico. (Gold team medal in 50m Prone,  Silver team medal in 10m Air Rifle.)

1977                United States Distinguished International Shooter Badge

1978                National Trophy Rifle Team Championship, Camp Perry, Ohio.

1978                World Shooting Championships – Seoul, Korea. (3 Gold and 1 Silver team medals in 300m 3x40.)

1979                World Air Gun Championships – Seoul, Korea. (Silver team medal.)

1980                National 300m Free Rifle Prone Champion.

1980                World Air Gun Championships – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

1981                Championships of the Americas – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (4 Gold team medals, 1 Silver individual medal in 10m Air Rifle, 50m Free Rifle Prone, 50m Free Rifle 3x40, 300m 3x20.)

1982                World Shooting Championships – Caracas, Venezuela. (2 Silver team medals and 2 Bronze team medals in 300m Free Rifle 3x40 and 50m Free Rifle 3x40.)

1983                Pan American Games – Caracas, Venezuela. (Silver individual, Gold team in 300m 3x40.)

1985                        Presidents Hundred Tab.

1985                        Championships of the Americas – Fort Benning, Georgia. (Gold team medal in 300m 3x20.)

1986                        World Shooting Championships – Skoevde, Sweden. (Alternate 300m Free Rifle 3x40.)




Born 25 December 1950 at Fort Belvoir, VA.  Started target shooting with the Belvoir Rifles JRC in February 1966 the night his father left for Viet Nam.  Then shot with the Acorns Junior Rifle Club setting his first team National Records in November 1967 and won his first team National Junior Rifle Championship in 1968. 


Attended Tennessee Tech University on a rifle scholarship and a Three-Year ROTC Scholarship.  His team placed second his freshman year and won the National Collegiate Championship the next three years while he was the Team Captain.  Was the National Civilian Smallbore Rifle Position Champion in 1971.  Inducted in the Tennessee Tech Sports Hall of Fame in 1985.


Commissioned as a Regular Army officer in June 1973, he graduated from the Airborne School and the Field Artillery Officer Basic Course and was assigned to the 197th Infantry Brigade at Fort Benning, GA.  Shot with the National Trophy Group in 1974 and was assigned to the USAMU International Rifle Section in February 1975.  Shot Service Rifle each summer, averaging 494.0 in four Interservice Ten Man Team matches and had a 100 standing in four National Trophy Team matches and four Interservice Ten Man Team matches. Fired a 6399x6400 in smallbore prone in 1977 and set the Critchfield 3200 National Record.  Member of the Lord Earl Roberts Team to Bisley, England.  Won 1977 British Smallbore Rifle Prone and 3-Position Championship.  Awarded Meritorious Service Medal when leaving active duty in September 1977.


Become the East Tennessee State University Rifle Coach in 1977.  Served as the NCAA Rifle Chair 1979-80 and Secretary-Rules Editor 1979-83. Won the 1980 Canadian Smallbore Rifle Prone and 3-Position Championship. Won a Bronze team medal at the 1981 World Armbrust Championships in Arosa, Switzerland.  Received his MBA in December 1983 and went to work for the U.S. Shooting Team in Washington, DC and later in Colorado Springs.  Was 13th on the all-time USA UIT Medals list with 19 when he retired from international shooting. Represented Shooting on the USOC Board of Directors in 1994.  Served as the Deputy Director of the Civilian Marksmanship Program and later as a Program Consultant writing the Youth Shooting Opportunities Guide.  Was a member of the USAR Shooting Team 1977 - 1993.