1961        NRA Collegiate All American – first team
1962        NRA Collegiate All American – second team
1963        Presidents Hundred Tab

1966        World Shooting Championships – Wiesbaden, Germany
1967        NRA Smallbore Rifle Distinguished  - Prone
1967        NRA Smallbore Rifle Distinguished  - Position

1970        World Shooting Championships – Phoenix, Arizona
1973        National 300m Standard Rifle 3x20 Champion
1976        National 50m Standard Rifle 3x20 Champion –
1973        Championships of the Americas Team – Mexico City, Mexico. (Gold team medals in 50m Prone & 50m Std

Rifle 3x20.)
1973        United States Distinguished International Shooter Badge
1974        U.S. Army Distinguished Rifleman Badge
1974        World Shooting Championships – Thun, Switzerland (Gold team medal in 50m Std Rifle 3x20. Gold

individual and team medals & two world records in 300m Std Rifle 3x20)

1977        Championships of the Americas – Mexico City, Mexico.  (Gold team medal in 300m Free Rifle 3x40)
1978        World Shooting Championships – Seoul, Korea. (Gold medals & two world records in 300m Std Rifle 3x20.

Silver team medal in Men’s Air Rifle.  Three gold team medals & one silver team medal in 300m Free Rifle.)
1979        Pan American Games Team – San Juan, Puerto Rico

1979        National 300m Standard Rifle 3x20 Champion
1980        National 50m Free Rifle Prone 60 shots Champion
1980        Olympic Games – Moscow, Russia

1982        World Shooting Championships – Caracas, Venezuela.  (Two team silver medals, one team bronze in 300m

Free Rifle.)

1986        World Shooting Championships – Skoevde, Sweden.  (Silver team medal in 300m Std Rifle 3x20)






Born 25 January, 1941 in Coalinga, California.  Started shooting at the age of 12 while visiting Summerlake, Oregon where his great grandparents settled after migrating to Oregon in covered wagons, his father giving him his first lesson in shooting and safety. Gaining experience by competing in the Southern California Junior Rifle League, he shot on the University of California at Berkeley Rifle Team the two years he attended that university.


Drafted into the Army in 1963, he set a Fort Ord basic training record for M14 qualification. Assigned to the “USAMTU” through 1966, he made his first World Shooting Championships Team to Wiesbaden, Germany.  Joining the United States Army Reserve International Rifle Team in 1968 he remained an active member for 23 years, making 5  more World Shooting Championships Teams  and the 1980 Olympic Team in addition to 2 continental championship teams. 1974 Sixth Army Area Service Rifle Champion. 


Co-founder of the United States Armbrust Association, he shot in three World Crossbow Championships, medaling in both individual and team events. Awarded the Distinguished Armbrust Medal and served as vice-president. Elected to the US Olympic Committee’s Athlete Advisory Council representing the sport of shooting, 1980-88. Served on the NRA International Competitions Committee through 1988.