US Army Reserve Shooting Teams Alumni Association

USAR patch

USAR Service Rifle Team - 2007

Loading Long Range Ammo at Fort Benning ...

MSG (Ret) Joe Carlos weighs a powder charge.

Some of the bullets hand loaded. Spencer Dorosheff looks from the background.

2LT Gervais and SSG Theuer throw and weigh individual gun powder charges.

John I. Cady (retired) works the Dillon 1050 press and resizes the .223 cal. brass.

SSG Dorosheff trims to length, de-burs, and chamfers the inside of each cases heck.

Trimming the brass.

SFC Hartswick dumps a weighed charge into an empty case.

Birds eye views of the tedious task of separating cases by half-grain weight increments.

Photos snapped from inside of lodging accommodations (Uchee Creek Campground) during weekend hours.

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